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Grabfone simplifies receive sms online. It provides the most popular countries temporary phone number for testing/development purpose across all over the locations. Test your application & tools into the temp number with a single click!

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What Are Disposable Phone Numbers?

A disposable number is a perfect tool if you want to hide from the person you are calling. Our permanent phone number actually works like a tracking device that can reveal all our personal information.

A disposable number is like a fortunate thing that helps us to keep our identity and relevant information like permanent phone number, personal details etc secret.

Why Temporary Phone Number?

Imagine a situation where you have given your permanent phone number on a site and it was hacked. Do you even realise the seriousness of this situation? The world is full of perverts who are just waiting for such a golden opportunity to harass you and make your life living hells.

It is very easy for hackers to find detailed information about your identity, address and track your movements. In these troubled times, a person who does not take care of his personal privacy is a fool and is surely open to any kind of misdemeanour.

Why Should We Use Temp Number?

A temporary number works just like a permanent phone number. You can make a voice call, send SMS and in some cases also send videos, MMS and even photos. The difference between a temp number and a permanent one is that the former can be used only once or in some cases up to a particular date whereas the latter is a registered number that also works as your personal identity. It is recorded in all documents and has a legal connection with you.

The beauty of a temporary number is that you can dispose of it once it has accomplished its task. These are disposable numbers and are often used by lots of people for different purposes. The beauty of it is that it does not require any papers for verification and hence can be easily acquired. You can get a temp number from a service provider, an app or through numerous websites.

How To Get A Disposable Phone Number?

There have been times when every one of us has felt the need for a temporary number so that we can just use it in a particular situation and then throw it away without revealing our identity. In most cases, the virtual numbers are for one-time use only and get blocked automatically after completing the call. In a few cases, there is a specific time period attached to the number that stops its usage once the time crosses over. 

Why not get hold of a disposable number and keep it for an emergency situation. Believe me, it will prove a blessing in disguise as one of the main advantages of using such a number is that it does not disclose your personal details. Yes, that’s true no information about the number from which you are calling and no tracking option to know about your whereabouts seems like heaven felt opportunity in dire circumstances. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this service paid or free?

Ans: This service is free and always will be however it supported by advertisment.

Q: Why am I not getting messages on the numbers?

Ans: Some of the site block or doesn't support VOIP number. We suggest you try another number.

Q: Is registration/signup mandatory?

Ans: No, You can use our services without creating account or any email subscription.

Q: What is the advantage of using a temporary number?

Ans: Disposable numbers have proved advantageous in several situations as you have the option of testing tools & apps with any temporary number. There is no longer a need to always use your permanent number as a disposable number also works fine in most of the given situations.

Q: Can I use temp number for website registartion or Twitter, Yahoo, Facebook, Gmail verification?

Ans:This service has been made for development testing tools SMS verification code only.

Q: Does disposable number require any kind of verification?

Ans: As disposable numbers do not require any kind of verification and are not even registered in your name it becomes impossible for any person to track you through that number. In most cases, the service providers have already registered the numbers in the name of unknown identities and hence are untraceable. Besides the service providers, you can also get hold of one such disposable number via the internet. There are several sites that allow you access to them in lieu of a certain fee. The disposable numbers acquired from the internet can be handled through a browser or a desktop. These are only one-time use and throw number that is available without any physical card. After one usage it is destroyed on an automatic basis.

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